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Friday, July 23, 2010

J - Albuquerque Boudoir Photographer

I've been dying to have a boudoir session that I could show - many women choose to keep their boudoir images totally private, and thus, many of my blog readers might not know that I offer these sessions. So finally, here is a mini-sneak peek of one of my boudoir sessions!

There's something different about these session...something special. It's empowering to help assist another woman, mom, friend, sister, any woman really celebrate themselves. Let themselves take a day to be beautiful, pamper themselves, crack open a bottle of wine at 10am... and not to mention buy themselves some new gorgeous lingerie and some fancy new pumps!

These sessions (so far) have just focused on women. Would I be up for doing a couples boudoir session? Absolutely. So, if you want some intimate portraits with your man (or your lady) contact me to book a couples boudoir. If you want to stick with the traditional route, these images make FABULOUS anniversary, wedding, Valentine's Day, Christmas, ANY type of gift. Give him the gift of YOU!

- laura

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